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The last thing someone wants is a broken transmission. However, here at European Transmission Repair, our certified and experienced technicians can get your car back up and running again in top shape with our auto transmission repair in Ontario, CA. The easiest way to detect that something’s wrong with your transmission is if your car won’t move when placed in drive or in reverse. Get in touch with us today!





The most common signs of transmission failure are odd vibrations and sounds, fluid that smells burnt or looks dark, a slipping transmission or difficulty to shift, or seeing fluid under your car when it’s moved. If you notice your RPMs are higher than usual, then you should definitely bring your car in for an inspection and possibly our auto transmission repair in Ontario, CA if there are transmission problems.

Another common sign of transmission failure is the extreme buildup of heat which is usually caused by not keeping up with routine fluid changes. This will cause the old fluid to break down which then lead to issues that could’ve been prevented by keeping up with fluid changes. This is why it’s incredibly crucial for not only your car but your budget as well that you’re keeping up with routine maintenance to avoid costly repairs.





  • Check your vehicle’s transmission fluid levels, color, and smell:Your fluid should be checked roughly around every 1,000 miles and changed every 3,000 miles. If your fluid’s color looks dark, then it’s time to get it changed before costly repairs come up.
  • Use the correct fluid: Every vehicle takes different fluid. Some newer fluids may be more expensive such as synthetic fluid, however, it will improve the protection of your transmission and also gives you a longer mileage till it gets changed again making it worth the expense.
  • Avoid excess heat in the transmission: Heat and your transmission’s health do NOT go hand and hand. In fact, almost 90% of transmission failures are caused by heat and the way to prevent this is reducing the heat back to its normal operating temperature. This will increase the lifespan of your vehicle and transmission.
  • Allow your car to warm up THOROUGHLY in cold temperatures:Usually, waiting about 30-45 seconds when turning on your vehicle should do the trick.




When you’re having transmission problems, call upon the professionals here at European Transmission Repair for our top-rated auto transmission repair in MONTCLAIR, CA! Our technicians will stop at nothing to get your vehicle back into tip-top shape in order to get you back on the road in no time! Get in touch with us, estimates are FREE!


The transmission is one of the most complicated and crucial components of your European car. That’s why it’s important to trust the maintenance and repair of your vehicle to a full-service European transmission shop like ours. From oil changes to transmission repair, we have got your back! The skilled technicians at European Transmission have the training and expertise to properly diagnose and fix any transmission problem!


The Labor Included In An Automatic Transmission Rebuild

(1) The Labor To Rebuild An Automatic Transmission

The labor to rebuild a transmission should be performed by an experienced transmission rebuilder and should include:

  • Disassembly: The labor it takes to completely teardown the transmission. At this point all soft parts are discarded.
  • Clean: Every part that will be used in the re-assembly of the transmission must be cleaned according to the type of part.
  • Inspection: Every part needs to be checked for a number of reasons to be able to be considered good to be used.
  • Assembly: Assembling a transmission not only means “putting it back together”, but also modifying the transmission with new updates to correct manufacturer specific problems. Also upgrades requested by the customer should be performed at this point.

(2) The Labor To Remove And Re-Install The Transmission

Just like rebuilding a transmission, it is equally important that the transmission installation be performed by a technician experienced in installing transmissions. Unlike performing a brake job or installing a radiator, installing today’s modern transmissions can be very complicated. A small mistake can damage the transmission or other components leading to a very expensive repair. This labor should include;

Removal: Close attention to other non transmission parts should be taken when removing a transmission, collateral damage to other parts can occur without realizing it until the car is back on the road.

Inspection: Everything related to the transmission installation should be inspected at this point and should include items such as:

  • The Flexplate – Cracks or missing / worn teeth.
  • Transmission Mounts – Broken or collapsed.
  • CV Axles -Torn boots or worn out joints.
  • Drive Shaft – Bad u-joints or worn yoke.
  • Electrical System – Corrosion, shorts or bad connectors.
  • Control Cables – frayed or broken throttle pressure and/or shift cables.
  • Transfer Case – Bad seals or gaskets.
  • Engine Rear Main Oil Seal – Leaking one piece seals can be changed with the transmission removed.

Transmission Cooler Cleaning: An automatic transmission cooler MUST be cleaned before installing the rebuilt transmission. The cooler can be packed with debris from the old transmission which can harm the newly rebuilt transmission.

Installation: Re-installing the transmission along with any needed transmission related parts identified as bad in the above inspection, only If approved for replacement by the customer. Installation also includes adding new vehicle specific transmission fluid.

Test Drive: A final test drive, adjustments and quick learn procedure if applicable (adapting the vehicles computer to the newly rebuilt transmission) are one of the last steps of the transmission installation.

QA Check: The final step, a quality assurance check should be performed after the test drive. This includes checking for leaks, correct fluid level, loose or missing bolts, making sure electrical harnesses are securely fastened and a final check for any transmission related codes in the vehicles computer.